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Medical Care in Israel – the Modern Choice

Israeli medicine rightfully occupies one of the leading places in the world from the viewpoint of its level and quality. The criteria, according to which a country's medical care system is rated (including life expectancy), are among the highest in the world. Rabin Medical Center is the leader of Israeli medicine. The center has gained such a high reputation due to its top-class specialists. The state-of-art medical equipment utilized by the hospitals sets Israel to one of the leading places worldwide as concerns the technological level of its medicine. Israeli medical establishments enjoy the most advanced diagnostic technologies. Israeli medicine is oriented on performing highly-sophisticated operations. Treatment in our hospital is highly-efficient and is performed at the up-to-date level. As compared to the USA and Europe, the prices on identical medical services in Israel are much lower and ensure a strong competitive edge; therefore, those who prefer to receive medical treatment abroad are increasingly in favor of Israeli hospitals. Israeli medicine is in high demand around the world. Annually, thousands of patients from different countries come to Israel for examination and treatment. In the recent years, the number of patients from Russia and former USSR countries has been steadily increasing. The highly-qualified personnel of Israeli hospitals perform hundreds of sophisticated tests and diagnostic procedures. Probably, nowhere in the world is medical treatment as efficient as it is in Israel. All operations, including the most complex ones, are performed using state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies, while the prices remain among the lowest.
Israeli medicine uses medications provided by the domestic pharmaceutical industry know worldwide for its superb quality and high efficiency. If you choose us, you will receive complex medical treatment, which includes elements of supplementary and alternative medicine. The medical treatment techniques are based on advanced technologies and are widely recognized by leading medical associations to be among the best. Rabin Medical Center is the biggest medical establishment in Israel that provides treatment to thousands of patients annually. Israeli hospitals offer high-level medical services at relatively low prices.

Treatment in Israel. Rabin Medical Center.

Rabin Medical Center is the largest healthcare institution of Israel, which provides treatment to thousands of patients every year. The official representative of Rabin Medical Center is the coordination center "Israel Medical Center & Service".


Rabin Medical Center is located in Petah Tiqwa, a suburb of Tel Aviv. The Center involves the leading clinics of Israel:

Rabin Medical Center features one of the world's leading multifield child clinics in Israel – Schneider Hospital for Children. Treatment of children is the field of medicine which is given great importance in Israel.

Rabin Medical Center covers all major areas of modern medicine. The Centre is equipped with up-to-date facilities and advanced medical technologies. As a clinical base for Sackler Higher Medical School attached to the University of Tel Aviv, Rabin Medical Center has been an uncontested leader in all areas of medicine in Israel for decades. The personnel of Rabin Medical Center consist of highly qualified doctors, including internationally known specialists. Those who have undergone treatment in Israel Rabin MC appreciate the merits and advantages of Israeli medicine.


Arrival and early diagnosis in Israel and treatment in Rabin Medical Center do not require prepayment, that is, you will not have to transfer money in advance if you want to have a medical examination done in Israel in Rabin Medical Center. Settlements for medical services are made by patients on arrival in Israel directly to the pay office of Rabin Medical Center..

Diagnostics of cancers in Israel

Medicine in Israel has achieved howling success in cancer disease control. Davidoff Cancer Center, Rabin Medical Center in Israel is an innovator with respect to methods of treatment of oncological diseases in adults and children. In many cases, after diagnosis “cancer” is made, both patient and his/her relatives may come to an opinion about hopelessness of the situation. It is far from true. Most patients of Davidoff Cancer Center, who undergo oncological operations, drug or other types of treatment for cancer tumors, may continue living normal and adequate life...

Cardiology and cardiosurgery in Israel

Cardiological centers in Israel have won a worldwide recognition owing to their state-of-the-art methods of diagnostics and treatment of cardiac diseases, the use of the latest medical achievements and excellent technical equipment of clinics. For the past decades, Israeli health professionals presented a number of outstanding cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to the world. In Israel, there are thousands of surgical operations in the field of cardiovascular medicine performed annually. Advanced methods of revascularization are utilized in order to eliminate coronary artery thrombosis. Of widely use are endoscopic and intravascular USI, cardiostimulators, electrophysiology, Holter monitoring and ergometric studies. Recognized leader of Israeli cardiology and cardiosurgery is Beilinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center...

Neurosurgery in Israel

Israeli neurosurgeons can truly work miracles! Due to wide use of the latest achievements of modern neurosurgery and neurotraumatology, they achieve excellent results in the treatment of brain tumors, neurooncological diseases and many other diseases and damages of nervous tissue that were previously considered incurable...

Oncology in Israel – treatment of children

Currently, there is an effective system for diagnostics and treatment of tumor diseases in the childhood. In Israel, leukosis is treated quite successfully; Israeli medicine reasonably holding one of the leading positions in this area. High qualification of oncologists at Schneider Children’s Hospital is well-recognized worldwide...

Advanced technologies in oncology in Israel

At the Davidoff Cancer Center, the most advanced unique RAPIDARC equipment is implemented to give a new hope for many patients suffering from oncological diseases...

Artificial insemination in Israel

Israeli clinics for artificial insemination have a very high status. Percentage of successful fertilization in Israel is one of the highest in the world being equal to 45% in women under 38 (30% from frozen fetuses). The percentage is rapidly decreased for the age of 38-42. After 42 more complicated techniques are utilized. In Israel, there are a number of clinics engaged in artificial insemination. Percentage rates are approximately at the same level in different clinics; however, a recognized leader in this field is Helen Schneider Hospital for Women, Rabin Medical Center...


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