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Frequently asked questions and answers

• What is included in the cost of treatment visit to Israel?
The cost of treatment visit to Israel includes three components:
1) Transfer to the place of medical treatment and back.
2) Accommodation in a hotel (in-hospital stay).
3) The course of treatment (inpatient or outpatient).

What if you do not speak English, but you want to be examined in Israel?
The lack of full communication with clinic staff leads to a significant reduction in the effectiveness of treatment, and in some cases makes it impossible. Rabin Medical Center provides its clients with the services of an interpreter for the entire period of stay in the Center for communication with their physician and other health specialists. In case of inpatient treatment, the client will be attended by a Russian-speaking nurse.

• I would like an operation done to my father in Israel, but he cannot go alone. What would you advise?
You do not have to accompany the patient during his / her treatment in Israel, as the staff of the Medical Center will do everything to ensure that the patient feels encompassed with care and understanding. However, if the patient and his relatives consider it necessary, the accompanying persons will be offered an option out of several hotels in close proximity to the clinic and the opportunity to regularly visit the patient in the hospital. The terms of accompanying persons’ stay in Israel shall be specified in advance with the representatives of the Medical Center.

• Is it possible to receive medical treatment from a well-known surgeon and how much does it cost?
As a rule, the physicians and surgeons of Rabin MC are leading experts in their field in Israel. Many of them have received global recognition. Most surgeons of Rabin MC accept patients from all over the world and the waiting lists are scheduled for several months. At the same time, foreign patients of the Centre are guaranteed a substantially shorter term to wait for admission to well-known experts. As for the cost, the price of treatment from leading Israeli doctors is by 20-40 percent higher.

• How to reduce the cost of treatment? Which services can be waived? Indeed, it is possible to reduce both travel and treatment costs.

The patient and accompanying persons should be aware that their stay in Israel will be much less comfortable, and a course of treatment will involve significant inconvenience. So what can you refuse? First of all, you can choose one of the lower class clinics than that of Rabin MC, however, only a state clinic of the level equal to Rabin MC can truly ensure efficient and effective treatment. The patient (for the period of examination and outpatient treatment) and accompanying persons can stay in a cheaper hotel (usually at a considerable distance from the clinic).

I want to have a lung tumor surgery done. I was advised to go to Israel... A tourist visa is issued for two weeks. If I cannot return immediately, what can be the reason to stay?

In order to come to Israel, the patients of Rabin MC apply for medical visa, which is received based on the official invitation to the clinic, where the patient will be examined and treated. In case of a surgery, as a rule, the attending physician strongly recommends that the patient stay in Israel for 1-3 weeks after discharge from the hospital. In this case, the visa will be extended. Since September 2008, visa regime between Russia and Israel was abolished.

How is the payment for treatment and other services accomplished?
No prepayment is required to arrive and start the diagnosis and treatment procedures in Rabin MC. Settlements for medical services are made by patients on arrival in Israel directly to the pay-office of Rabin MC.

Is it possible to pray in Jerusalem at Holly Sepulture?
The Center staff will help you organize a trip to Jerusalem, unless otherwise recommended by your doctor. If necessary, you will be provided with special transport and a nurse. You can also use guide services for the trip.

How can you guarantee that the operation will be successful? Moscow doctors refused to operate on me!
First of all, for a detailed answer an accurate diagnosis is needed. Nobody will give you a 100% guaranty, however, in Rabin MC the treatment and, if necessary, the operation will be fulfilled by highly qualified doctors in operating wards equipped with up-to-date medical facilities, which greatly increases the possibility of a successful outcome.

• If I do not use any service included in the cost statement, will the difference be returned to me?
Money for the procedures that were paid, but were not performed, is returned to the patient at the end of the treatment period.

What determines the surgeon’s proficiency?
The surgeon’s proficiency is determined by his / her experience in medical practice and, most importantly, the percentage of adverse treatment outcomes, including surgery of any complexity. At present this percentage in highly qualified specialists is minimized. All of this can relate both to surgeons and doctors of any other specialty.

• What is the cost of a provisional diagnosis based on medical history and tests results obtained in Russia? How long will it take?
Received medical records (test results, X-rays, CT scan results, extracts from the medical history, or other information required to give a provisional opinion), are sent to the experts of Rabin MC. The patient receives a preliminary offer for diagnosis and treatment free within 3-7 days.

Since what age can children be taken for treatment to Israel?
Schneider Hospital for Children of Rabin MC is one of the best children's hospitals in the world. Children of any age are admitted for treatment.

• Can I stay in the ward with a small child before and after surgery?
There are no obstacles to staying with a child in the hospital before and after surgery. In exceptional cases, the attending physician may consider it dangerous for a child or accompanying adult.

• Where can I stay during outpatient treatment to make it convenient to get to the clinic?
The Center staff help patients choose a hotel in close proximity to Rabin MC. The Center will also provide you with an attendant (with a car, if required).

• Is there any possibility of urgent delivery of a patient to Israel?
The Center provides emergency evacuation of severely ill patients on an aircraft specially equipped for emergency operations in Rabin MC.

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