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Hasharon is second largest multifield hospital, which is a part of the state Rabin Medical Center. Hasharon Hospital is furnished with modern medical equipment, uses advanced medical technologies, has an excellent medical staff.

During the Second World War there was a disastrous shortage of surgeons in Israel. It was therefore decided to open an additional surgery department in Petach Tikva on the base of Beilinson Hospital department that existed at the time. The established surgical department was called Beilinson «B». That was the beginning of Hasharon Hospital. The first operation in Hasharon was performed on November 8, 1942. Eventually, the small surgical department Beilinson «B» was significantly expanded and seven years after the foundation it was granted the status of a hospital. In 1949, the board of health insurance fund "Clalit" assigned the name "Hasharon” to the once small surgical department. So in 1949 the second clinic was founded in Petah Tikva.

In 1995, the board of health insurance fund "Clalit" decided to join Beilinson and Hasharon hospitals into a single medical center. The center was named the Rabin Medical Center after an outstanding Prime Minister of Israel.
Currently, Hasharon hospital has 345 medical wards and 9 operating rooms. The hospital staff counts 1300 people.

Departments and Institutes of Hasharon Hospital:

Anesthesiology - Professor Beilin
Gastroenterology - Dr. Shirin
Haematology - Professor Cohen
Dermatology - Professor David
Intensive Care - Dr. Kaslin
Cardiology - Professor Buttler
Neurology - Dr. Streifler
Emergency Care - Dr. Sendovsky
Nephrology - Professor Gafter
Oncology - Dr. Marshak
Orthopedic Surgery - Dr. Ghartey
Ophthalmology - Professor Weinberger
Pathology - Professor Gal
Rheumatology - Dr. Shifter
Urology - Professor Livneh
Head and Neck Surgery - Professor Feinmesser
Endocrinology - Dr. Harel
Nuclear Medicine - Dr. Schwartz

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