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Treatment of infertility

Helen Schneider Hospital for Women, a part of Rabin Medical Center, represents a brand new approach to obstetrics and gynecology. A decision about the establishment of a specialized Helen Schneider Hospital for Women was taken basing on a concept of comprehensive woman health care during the whole life cycle. This concept is currently recognized at leading medical institutions worldwide. Helen Schneider Hospital provides all types of qualified care and assistance at every stage of a woman’s life. The level of medical services at clinic is in compliance with the highest world standards.

At Helen Schneider Hospital, great attention is paid to infertility treatment issues. Specialists of the Hospital have achieved outstanding results in this area. Modern research and technical facilities of Helen Schneider Hospital as well as monumental experience of doctors in the matters of treatment of infertility attract thousands of married couples per year coming to Rabin Medical Center for the treatment.

Causes of female infertility:

  • Absence of ovulation: ovule has not enough time for maturation and spermatozoids fail to fertilize it.
  • Hormonal failure: both good ovulation and menstruations may be absent.
  • Untimely menopause: early developed menopause occurs rather rarely, mainly in women with congenital underdevelopment or lack of the ovaries.
  • Ovarian dysfunction: ovarian dysfunction causes abnormalities in the process of hormone production in the hypothalamus-hypophysis system. As a consequence, oocyte loses its viability. 
  • Polycystic ovaries: polycystic ovaries are characterized with the development of cysts, two-fold increase in size of ovaries and appearance of white covering on. The disease causes abnormal hormone metabolism associated with underdeveloped follicles and absence of mature cells.
  • Problems in cervical canal: uterine cervical mucus is so thick that spermatozoids die entering in.
  • Cervical erosion.
  • Damage or obstruction of uterine tubes.
  • Ovarian scars: may be a consequence of operations. 
  • Scars interfere with production of follicles and ovulation. 
  • Unruptured follicle: oocyte remains inside the ovary and does not participate in fertilization. 
  • Endometriosis: the disease causes abnormalities in the process of oocyte maturation, its fertilization or attachment mature and fertilized cell to the uterine wall. 
  • Abnormal uterine structure: for this reason, ovum fails to attach to endometrium, an internal layer of the uterus. 

Causes of male infertility:
- Distention of testicular or spermatic cord veins;
- Edema;
- Oscheoma;
- Testicular trauma;
- Testosterone (male sex hormone) deficiency;
- Viral parotitis;
- Urogenital system inflammation.  

  • Abnormal sperm production due to one of the following causes: 
  • Abnormal ejaculation due to one of the following causes:
  • - urethral malformation;
  • - sexual abnormalities, e.g., premature seminal fluid emission. 
  • Infectious diseases: syphilis, gonorrhea, clamidiosis, trichomoniasis, etc.
  • Radiation and chemotherapy procedures.
  • Emissions from TV or computer. 
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.
  • Immunological abnormalities.
Primary methods of infertility treatment in Israel:
Treatment of infertility using medicinal agents
This method is suitable for women with problems of oocyte maturation and coming out. Endometriosis may be cured using medicinal products. In men, problems related to sperm production and infectious diseases may also be resolved medicamentally. Conservative treatment is widely used in Israel and is successful in many cases.

Surgical intervention
Uterine tube obstruction, tumors and hyperplasia may be eliminated by surgery.
Artificial insemination
Most commonly, this method is the most efficient for couples suffering from absolute infertility. One of the most efficient methods of treatment of such infertility in Israel is IVF. Sperm is collected from a partner or a donor. It is used for fertilization of female oocyte. Fetus obtained is implanted into the womb, where it is developed in a natural way.
Helen Schneider Hospital for Women, Rabin Medical Center is a leader in procedures of  artificial insemination in Israel.

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