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Cardiology and cardiosurgery in Israel

Treatment and diagnostics of heart diseases
Cardiology Department at the Belinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center is under the direction of Professor Alexander Battler, ex-president of Israel Cardiology Society and International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy. Professor Battler is also a Head of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Cardiology at Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv Universityand a Chairman of Israeli National Council for Prevention and Treatment of Cardiac and Cardiovascular Diseases. Professor Battler is an author of more than 200 original articles, and a constant reporter at topical cardiological conferences and seminars all over the world.

Cardiology Department at the Belinson Hospitalis the largest in Israel. Diagnostocs of heart diseases in Israel is popular all over the world. Specialists of Cardiology Department at the Belinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center have achieved enormous success in diagnostics of cardiac and vascular diseases, successfully putting into practice all technical and laboratory innovations developed worldwide.

Modern methods of diagnostics of cardiac diseases and appropriate training of specialists at Belinson Hospital provide for exact diagnosis made confidently and within shortest terms with subsequent prescription of adequate therapeutic or surgical treatment. Cardiodiagnostics is based upon invasive and non-invasive methods, which often complement each other.

Cardiosurgery Department at Belinson Hospital
The Head of Cardiosurgery Department at the Belinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center is Dr. Eyal Porat, ex-director of the Department of Minimal Invasive Surgery, the University of Texas, USA. Dr. Porat is a founder and director of the Research Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases and Robotic Technologies at the Herman Memorial Hospital, Houston (USA).

Cardiological operating rooms of Belinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center are equipped with the most innovative equipment. In Israel, more than 1,500 cardiac surgeries per year are performed, including coronary artery bypass graft (25% of all cardiac operations in Israel). At the Cardiosurgery Department all aspects of cardiac surgery in Israel are covered, including: coronary artery bypass graft, stenting, heart valve replacement, complex treatment of aortic aneurysm, surgery of congenital heart diseases, thoracic surgery, heart transplantation, cardiopulmonary transplantation, artificial heart.

Ischemic heart disease (IHD) and myocardial infarction
Ischemia and myocardial infarction are the diseases being the most common reason for high mortality among the population of the Globe. Currently, the most efficient methods of treatment of ischemic heart disease are  coronary artery bypass graft in Israel (CABG) and stenting. Both methods have their own strict indications and contraindications, limitations, adverse effects and in many cases are interchangeable. In Irsael, great results are achieved in coronary artery bypass graft; all operations performed by leading specialists of cardiological center. A decision on the necessity of one or the other treatment technique is taken by a doctor basing on data from laboratory, functional, radiographic and instrumental examinations. A decision on the method of treatment is made after complex diagnostics of cardiac diseases. In view of individual approach to each patient, treatment is selected depending upon conditions of each specific case.

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