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Pediatric surgery

At the territory of Rabin Medical Center, there is the largest Children’s Medical Center in the Middle East, Schneider Children’s Hospital.

Achievements of this Israeli Hospital are well known worldwide. It is here, where the only Pediatric Oncology Department in Israel is based. At the departments of this Israeli Hospital, operations for organ transplantation in children and bone marrow transplantation to leukemia children are performed. Over the recent years, doctors of the clinic have saved from death above 300 children by performing the most complicated organ transplantations. At Schneider, unique operations on heart are performed and nursing of immature infants with any weights provided. Achievements of Schneider in the treatment of cancer are so high, that children from all countries of the world are taken here for treatment. The Hospital sets the highest standards in all areas of treatment of children’s diseases. Highly-qualified specialists of the Israeli Schneider Hospital developed a unique multi-field approach to the treatment of children’s diseases and introduced into the practice new pediatric specialities.

Special attention should be paid to the Pediatric Surgery Department at the Schneider Hospital, as it is one of the most advanced in the world.

Divisions of Pediatric Surgery at Schneider Hospital:

National Center of Pediatric Hematooncology
Schneider Hospital provides all arrangements required for the conduct of chemotherapy carrying on cooperation with intensive care units, cardiology, nephrology, surgery, and radiology departments in this area. Within many years, the Department has been engaged in the conduct of auto- and allotransplantation of bone marrow to children, including transplantation of bone marrow from non-blood relatives. Above two thirds of cancer children recover due to the use of the most innovative methods of treatments at the Schneider Hospital.

Institute of Pediatric Cardiology
This is the largest Israeli center for diagnostics and treatment of congenital and acquired heart diseases in children. Cardiosurgeons at Schneider Hospital try to avoid intermediate surgical interventions and, where possible, perform cardinal operations leading to complete recovery of patients among those are immature infants, newborn infants, minors and teenagers suffering from congenital heart diseases. The number of cardiac surgeries conducted in children aged under one year is continuously growing and has recently reached 40 per cent.

Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery
Under the direction of Professor Mikhovich, a leading pediatric neurosurgeon in Israel, the Department of Neurosurgery at this Israeli hospital is specialized in microsurgical excisions of cerebral, cerebellar and brainstem tumors, correction and treatment of cranial pathologies, such as Cruzan, Apret and Shotchen syndromes and craniosynostosis. At the Department, a microsurgical excision of spinal medulla tumors, surgeries for anomalies, including Arnold-Chiari syndrome, syringomyelia and hydrocephaly, and neurosurgical treatment of spasticity have been conducted for many years.
Department of Pediatric Urology
At the Department, diagnostics and treatment of congenital and acquired urogenital system disorders are conducted in children aged from new-born and up to eighteen year olds. There, 400 operations per year are performed. The Department is equipped with latest medical equipment (including newest endoscopic apparatuses designed specifically for children).
Institute of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
This is a specialized center for diagnostic and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and hepatic diseases (including acute and chronic diseases as well as digestive disorders). The Institute works in close cooperation with Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv Universityand is its training base.
Children's Orthopedic Service
The Department is one of the most important in Schneider Hospital activities being engaged in the treatment of musculoskeletal system disorders in children, including congenital and acquired limb deformations.

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