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Diagnostics at Rabin Medical Center

It is well known that Israeli medicine is one of the most developed in the world with many experts making special reference to its highest diagnostic potential. Every year in Israel a stupendous amount of diagnostic procedures is performed in various indications (beginning from routine blood analyses and up to ultramodern investigations and tests based on nuclear and positron techniques). Even conventional simple blood analysis performed by Israeli health professionals provides for testing hundreds of various parameters that is sure to contribute to the precision of diagnosis made and quality of treatment administered.
The following diagnostic investigations and procedures are extensively used by specialists at Rabin Medical Center:
  • Ultrasound investigation on the most innovative equipment providing 2- and 3-dimentional representation in combination with invasive and transcutaneous techniques for the assessment of anatomy and pathology in adults, children and newborn infants.
  • Liver, kidney and thyroid gland biopsies. 
  • Orthopedic investigations of joint and musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Diagnostics of soft-tissue tumors. 
  • Combined ultrasound and Doppler-diagnostics for the determination of thromboses, sclerosed vessels, glaucoma, diabetic complications and eye tumors. 
  • Diagnostic and medicinal manipulations represented by intravascular catheterization, elimination of occlusions in limb arteries, renal and carotid arteries and angiographic arterial occlusion in order to prevent hemorrhages in malignant tumors and tumors with high blood perfusion. 
  • Functional tomographic brain investigation FMRI, performed prior to operation in patients with tumors, congenital abnormalities and focal epileptic changes in brain (in order to assess risks of surgical interventions and severity of effects on such cerebral functions as speech, vision, limb movements, memory, etc). 
  • Angiography for the assessment of condition of coronary vessels of the heart along with various treatment procedures performed concurrently in order to prevent infarction.
  • Noninvasive vascular examinations: computer-based angiography (СТА), videoimage endoscopy with 3-dimentional virtual imaging of organs and vessels under total anesthesia in order to eliminate discomfort associated with the procedure.
  • Gastroscopy and colonoscopy without any discomfort for patients. 
  • Myelography, computed tomography (СТ), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with high (1.5 Т) and ultrahigh (3.0 Т) magnetic fields (the highest level of vascular pathology diagnostics).

FDG-РЕТ (positron emission tomography) is used in Israel over a period of years, while in Europe it is still known only at a few largest medical centers. The method provides for detection of functional abnormalities associated with the beginning and progression of tumor processes. At present in Israel there is equipment combining РЕТ and СТ functions to significantly extend potential of diagnostics and treatment.
Virtual or СТ-colonoscopy is the most innovative and accurate intestinal tract examination technique. It is used in cases where there is no technical possibility for the performance of conventional colonoscopy as appropriate (e.g. in patients exposed to radiation, subjects with winding or significantly prolonged bowel or other cases).
Rabin Medical Center is fitted with excellent medical laboratories for the performance of analyses which include not only conventional but a range of unique examinations (clinical biochemistry, hematological studies, microbiological and endocrinological diagnostic procedures). Due to full automatization and computerization leading Israeli laboratories are among the best in the world with respect to the scope, variety and quality of the investigations performed. Among the most advanced are molecular biological investigations of hereditary and malignant diseases, complicated infectious processes, new chemical and cytologic analysis techniques, various studies of cellular and humoral immunity, wide range of tests for soluble and insoluble autoantibodies and many others.
Among tourists who come to Israel a very popular one is Check-Up diagnostics (an extended check of organism functions), where it takes one day for a patient to undergo examination at a clinic and then he/she may freely return to the scheduled rest.

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