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The division of endocrinology in Bailison Hospital (Medical Centre after Rabin ) is headed by professor Ilan Shimon, one of the leading endocrinologists in Israel.

Endocrinology has had very serious development in Israel. Such problems as diabetes, adiposity, metabolic syndrome are getting epidemic all over the world.

Experts of Bailison Hospital provide innovative and advanced treatment of almost all diseases connected with hormonal infringements and metabolic disbalance (diseases of hypophysis, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, bone metabolism, organism development and puberty problems, etc.). Diabetes treatment is performed at the cutting-edge level. Innovative medicinal products are widely used to treat adiposity, hyperlipidemia, arterial hypertonia. Bailison Hospital laboratories are fully equipped to carry out the multiple diagnostic research of different kind, such as dynamic research of hypophysis functions, thyroid gland biopsy under ultrasonic control, 24-hour check of arterial blood pressure. Every possible biochemical and genetic analysis is carried out on homocysteine, n-telopeptide, B-cell stimulatory factor 2, circulating thyroglobulin mRNA, leptin, metanephrine, hydroxysteroid and ketosteroid fractions.

Diabetes treatment in Israel

The endocrinologists of Bailison Hospital have become outstandingly successful in treatment of diabetes of the 1st (infant, insulin-dependent) and the 2nd ( adult, insulin-dependent) types and diabetes of pregnant women. Methods of treatment of diabetes developing after operations turn to be quite effective as well. Such innovative research as definition of Insulin C-peptide, specifying the reserve possibilities of pancreas, the continuous control of sensitivity to glucose, insulin levels is conducted as a part of patient’s health care. For diabetes treatment in Israel they use various modern pharmaceutical products like pills, injections and other forms of the dosed administration of the pharmaceutical substance in an organism, and also some supplementary methods of non- conventional medicine and physiotherapy. Patients get constant care and simultaneous monitoring from endocrinologists, cardiologists, experts in vessels (microsurgeons), orthopedists, ophthalmologists, nephrologists, physiatrists, nutritionists.

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