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The Department of otorhinolaryngology of Beilinson Hospital is headed by professor Raphael Feinmesser. The Department of otorhinolaryngology in the Beilinson Hospital is a combination of the advanced medical technologies, new pharmaceutical products and the highest level of the staff competence.

The department carries out diagnostics, treatment and at the necessity the subsequent aftertreatment in the following areas:

  • Introduction of advanced technologies in the field of hearing aids for children and adults with the congenital and acquired hearing problems.
  • Treatment of oncologic diseases of nasopharynx (larynx cancer, oral cavity, sinuses.)
  • «Tinnitus».Ménière's disease. Diagnostics and treatment.
  • Treatment of chronic diseases of nasopharynx and paranasal sinus ( genyantritis, frontal sinusitis, sinusitis and others).
  • Surgical restoration of the congenital and acquired anomalies of ENT - organs (in collaboration with maxillofacial and cosmetic surgeons).
  • The Departmant has a wide experience in removing calculus sphere of sialadens.

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