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The Department of Ophthalmology of Beilinson Hospital in Rabin MC is headed by Professor Dov Weinberger, the leading expert in Israel and the well-known international medical expert in this field. Prof. Weinberger is the professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University and the grant-holder in ophthalmology at Cornell Medical Centre in New York (USA).

Ophthalmology Department of Beilinson Hospital is the leader in Israel and is recognized as an outstanding ophthalmologic medical centre. Annually it’s performed more than 4000 procedures in this department. Experts of Ophthalmology Department of Beilinson hospital have got education and practice in the leading ophthalmologic centres of the world.

In this Department the following surgical procedures are carried out: operation on cataract excision, retina surgery, glaucoma treatment, operation on orbital traumas, keratoplasty, squint correctings, treatment of diabetic retinopathy and retina vascular diseases.

Highly specialised divisions of The Ophthalmology Department:

  • Cataract Sectionis considered to be the best in Israel. Here the world-class surgeons perform operations on cataract excision.
  • Cornea Sectionis the advanced centre on treatment and a keratoplasty, headed by Dr. Loia.
  • Glaucoma Section, headed by Dr. Luski, is revealing the precursory symptoms of glaucoma and treatment of this disease by means of the newest laser and surgical methods of treatment.
  • Neuro-ophthalmology Section, headed by Dr. Kalysh, carries out diagnostics and treatment of optic nerve diseases, ischemic optical neuropathy, nictitating spasm and facial spastic stricture.
  • Eyeplasty Section, headed by doctor Jasur, is the largest service in this field in Israel. The Division of Eyeplasty deals with eyeball surgery, and also transplantation of artificial eye.
  • Retina Section, headed by doctor Seigal, is the leading centre in Israel on retina diseases , such as macula lutea degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, uveitis, pigmental retinitis, retina vascular diseases. In this section the capable specialists do surgical operations on retina, vitrectomy and other modern surgical procedures.

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