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Oncology and Hematology in Israel

The Davidoff Oncologic centre,  which is a part of MC after  Rabin, is  the largest centre,  which provides  cancer treatment in Israel. The centre has a world-wide  popularity and is at a  cutting-edge  level in studying and  treating cancer  in Israel and the world. The Davidoff Centre  annually provides  medical aid for more than 25 per cent of all oncologic patients in Israel.
The center has highly skilled and professional  staff. Innovative technologies and computer information systems are successfully combined with the newest approaches to cancer treatment in Israel. It allows the center to be one of the best oncologic clinics of the world.
You can find here the  successfully functioning Department of Integrative Medicine, combining  the  approved conventional ways of treatment  along with the  methods of alternative medicine,
The Davidoff  Oncologic center  introduces the newest unique equipment RAPIDARC giving new hope to many patients, suffering from  oncology diseases. The technology is based on the use of high-precision linear accelerators together with a computed tomography, in a real-time regime. RAPIDARC allows irradiation  10 times more powerful than  the  devices of the previous generation, leaving healthy organs unaffected. Using RAPIDARC  considerably shortens  treatment terms, reduces side-effects and allows to prolong patient’s life without operative interference . The  Davidoff experts say after working with this device, that at the end of the  treatment  course  the patient can return to his normal life almost without recovery period.
The head of the Davidoff Oncologic center  is Professor Aaron Sulkes, the leading oncologist of  Israel, the professor of Oncology  Department , Faculty of Medicine  in  Tel Aviv  University.
Hematology Department of the center is headed by Professor Ofer Shpilberg - the world famous expert in the field of hematology, the professor of Faculty of Medicine in Tel Aviv University and the  University of Pittsburgh (USA).
Radiotheraphy Department (radial therapy)in Davidoff Center has the most innovative  and  modern equipment for cancer treatment in Israel. It is headed by Professor Eyal Fenig.
Transplantation Department is headed by  Dr. Moshe Yeshurun MD, the leading expert in treatment of hematological diseases,  blood diseases and stem cell grafting.

Highly specialized units of Davidoff Centre:
  • Diagnostics and   breast cancer treatment. The director  is Dr. Shulamith Rizel, the Department Chairwoman of  Faculty of Medicine in Tel Aviv University.
  • Cancer treatment  and diagnostics of oncologic diseases of  head and  neck (including,  thyroid gland and  larynx). The head of Department  is Dr. G. Marshak.
  • Lungs cancer , trachea and bronchuses  diagnostics and treatment. The head of Department is Dr. Dov Fleks.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of uterine cancer, carcinoma of uterine cervix and ovaries. The head  of Department - doctor Claude Koren
  • Diagnostics and treatment of oncologic diseases of  gastrointestinal tract. The director is Dr. Baruch Brenner  , the leading expert on diagnostics and treatment of cancer diseases of  gastroenteric tract (stomach, esophagus, large intestine, liver, gallbladder and bile ducts,  pancreas) and neuroendocrinal system.
  • Brain tumor treatment. Doctor Kundel is heading  the  Department. In treatment of brain tumor  the correct  histological diagnosis is  very important. Skilled pathologists of Rabin MC  make  an  exact diagnosis on cells of removed  tumor, applying the newest methods of chemistry and genetics. It allows to pick up the needed treatment more precisely , that raises  the chances of recovery. The basic method of treatment after operation on  brain oncotomy is radial therapy. The newest equipment of Davidoff Centre  allows to make  an exact lay-out for  irradiations (simulation), giving the possibly biggest dose on tumor cells, at  the same  time, keeping safe the healthy cells and the parts of brain  important for normal functioning of apparatus.. The  irradiation lasts approximately  5-6 weeks, 5 days  a week. More  aggressive tumors demand chemotherapy, which means state-of-the-art medicine, along with  biological  products and antibodies
  • Diagnostics and treatment of oncology diseases of urinary tracts,kidneys and man's genital organs (prostate cancer),Headed by  Dr. E. Rosenbaum.
  • Treatment of tumors of  rectum and anus. Doctor Kundel , the leading expert  in the field  of oncology ,is heading the  unit. Doctor Kundel is involved in scientific work on working out  new methods of cancer treatment . He is the participant  of international conferences on oncology where he represents his scientific works and discoveries.

At Davidoff Center  cancer is successfully treated. Experts of Rabin clinic  in particular have succeeded in treatment of such oncologic diseases, as  melanoma and other dermal tumors, tumors of nervous system, limfoma,  carcinoid syndrome, linfoma  Hodzhkina, tumors of eyes and many other things.
So-called  Clever medicine  is widely  used in Davidoff Center . Clever medicine  molecules go   to a cancer cell to settle on its cover  or to penetrate into intracellular biological processes.  Medicine  can be antibodies, chemical and biological. The basic advantage of it is  that there is a maximum influence on a tumor and minimum on other healthy cells of an organism.

Cancer treatment: Israel or Russia?
Such dilemma appears for  many of our fellow citizens who have faced the disease. In Russia there is a large quantity of high-qualified experts who are capable to provide sufficient medical assistance to patients. However the majority of specialized clinics of the country are in Moscow and other big cities. But for cancer treatment, whether it is Israel , Russia or any other country, not only staff potential is necessary. Unfortunately the equipment and the technologies used in regional hospitals do not correspond to the present stage of development of oncology. Service quality in Russian clinics leaves much to be desired as well. Cancer treatment in Israel provides the most advanced techniques, together with talented and famous professionals. Cancer treatment in Israel assumes long aftertreatment, providing  perfect conditions. Therefore cancer treatment in Israel becomes the only possible  way to receive the hope of the recovery  for many people. And there is an eloquent acknowledgement to it – statistics.

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