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Orthopedy and prosthetics

Orthopedy Department and prosthetics of Beilinson Hospital  of Rabin MC is headed by Professor Moshe Salai, the orthopedic surgeon reputed  all over the world, the professor of Faculty  of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, the grant-holder  of several medical institutions of the USA and Europe, an active member of numerous international professional associations.
Orthopedy department units in Beilinson Hospital:
Orthopedic Oncology Department, headed by Professor  Moshe Salai, provides complex treatment of patients with tumor of bones and soft tissues. Salai’s method of joints treatment is very popular in Israel.
Treatment of joints: Israel
Joints treatment is highly important in Israel. Backbone Section, headed by Dr. Nisima Ohana, carries out the out-patient and stationary help at all spinal problems and complications (backbone  traumas,  backbone tumor, degenerate diseases,  scoliosis, dislocation of vertebra, traumatic and degenerate changes of disks).
Arm Orthopedy  and Orthopedic Microsurgery Section, headed by Dr.  Jacque Pejlan , performes the out-patient and stationary help at transplantation and aftertreatment, connected with  arm ,  forearm and wrist traumas. The Section provides the service  in  reconstructive surgical operations  and  operations on joint replacement.
Traumatology and Malformation Section, headed by Dr. Michael Bernstein, provides complex treatment of joints, all acute and difficult cases of traumas, correction of the wrong bone forms and bone  lengthening by means  of the computer-aided  modified Elizarov's device.
Legs and Feet Orthopedy Section, headed by Dr.  Y. Tityon, provides  all kinds of  aid and care  to people with  legs, feet and ankle joints traumas.
We suggest to get the complex state-of-the-art treatment of joints in Israel from leading experts
Why it is necessary to get backbone treatment in Israel?
Joint Treatment in Israel today  is demanded  by patients from all continent. It is quite clear, as the orthopedy in Israel has all necessary  ways  for carrying out  the effective therapy and a successful surgical interference.
First of all, it is necessary to notice that backbone treatment in Israel is  performed  by skilled highly qualified experts of world level. Orthopedy units in Israel are directed by  the world famous  doctors whose qualification could never be doubted by their patients and colleagues. As a whole, orthopedy in Israel is rapidly developing , and is the most successful field of  Medical Science for today.
Backbone treatment is possible with the using of modern equipment and technologies. The orthopedy in Israel doesn’t only use  traditional methods of treatment, it also assumes the use of last achievements in the field of science and  engineering. For this reason treatment of joints in Israel has extremely positive dynamics.
The orthopedy in Israel would not be so successful, if not for the  appreciable efforts of experts made in  the organisation of  aftertreatment process. Modern backbone  treatment  in Israel assumes not only effective therapy or operations on joints, but also undergoing  special procedures at  the course  end. Also it is important  to notice that treatment of joints in Israel is performed by the clinics, capable to provide the maximum comfort for a patient’s stay. Choosing backbone treatment in Israel, you can use all facilities of the civilisation, each patient has the right to count on the separate room with  all necessary  equipment for adequate  life.
How much  is  backbone treatment in Israel?
The orthopedy in Israel is a hi-tech branch which demands considerable financial expenses. Therefore carrying out of all procedures and aftertreatment cannot be free of charge. At the same time  backbone treatment in Israel is managed  much cheaper than in many clinics in Europe. Considering the  high degree of efficiency of  the therapy , the choice of patients preferring the treatment in  Israel, is quite understandable  and  justified.
How to get  treatment of joints in Israel?
If you want to find out approximate  cost of procedures or to define a possibility of treatment in Israel, you should   contact us by phone in Israel or Russia. Our representatives are located in many cities to  simplifiy the treatment organisation.
Call  us!
Oral surgery Department
Oral surgery Department of Beilinson Hospital, Rabin MC is headed by Prof. Shlomo Calderon,  the dean of Oral Surgery Department  of  Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University , the chairman of Association of Oral Surgery of Israel, the vice-president of Association of Maxillofacial surgeons of the USA, the chairman of Association of Dentists of Israel. The basic specialisation of Professor Calderon is  is  Dentofacial Deformities , the  treatment and reconstruction of the congenital and  aquired anomalies of jaws and  face, transplantation of bones and  teeth.
The modern technologies applied in the Section of Maxillofacial Surgery of Beilinson Hospital offer  solutions to any problem : aesthetic, anatomic or any another. The high skill level of the medical personnel and the unique technical equipment allow to apply all the newest techniques of diagnostics and treatment in Israel.
In Oral surgery Department  the following medical and diagnostic manipulations are carried out:
* Correction of distortions of face and jaws - orthognathic surgery.
* Correction of  facial skull after traumas, wounds, including microsurgical formation of new joints, sites of  bone or the whole jaw from own tissues.
* Elimination of congenital deformations of labiums,  nose,  palate.
* Excision of tumors and reconstruction of oral cavity and jaws for children and adults.
* Treatment of cleft palate.
* Implantation of bones.
* Treatment of traumas of face  and jaws

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