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Pediatrics is an important and highly-developed area of Israel medicine, covering all aspects of treatment of children from birth till 18 years old. Pediatric surgery, children orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology, pulmonology, dermatology, hematooncology, cardiology, endocrinology,
gastroenterology, neurology is an incomplete list of medical areas where diseases are effectively treated by Israel pediatricians. Qualified specialists of the best clinics successfully solve the problems of children development, speech difficulties and intellectual development, emotional problems.
All pediatric services use the most complex high-precision diagnostic apparatus, specially designed for children. Thus, for examination of the gastrointestinal tract midget sensors are applied, for detection of congenital changes of child skin the devices, which are made especially for these aims, are used. In pediatrics, such examinations as testing of contractile bowels ability, esophageal and rectal manometry, endoscopy of upper air passages, numerous allergic tests, sweat examination, special laboratory examinations of the immune system and genetic factors, polysomnography, analizing different phases of sleep, are used in Israel.
A wide list of children medicines with ideally calculated doses, prompt effect and pleasant taste are used in Israel.

An absolute leader in pediatrics in Israel and far beyond its boundaries is children hospital “Shnider”.
The achievements of this unique medical institution are widely known all over the world. The unique department of children oncology in Israel is located exactly at hospital “Shnider”. Transplant operations on children are executed, bone marrow transplantation for children, suffering from leukemia, is carried out here. Over the last years, the doctors of the hospital saved more than 300 children from death, performing the most complex transplantations. The unique heart operations are carried out; prematurely born babies of any weight are raised at “Shnider”. The achievements of hospital “Shnider” in cancer treatment are so high that children from all countries of the world are brought here. The hospital sets the highest standards in all areas of children diseases treatment. Highly skilled specialists of Hospital “Shnider” worked out the unique diversified approach to children diseases treatment, put into practice new pediatric specialities.

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