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Plastic surgery

The Department of Israel Plastic Surgery Clinics “Balinson” of Medical Centre named after Rabin is headed by the distinguished specialist in this sphere, doctor Ad-El. Doctor Ad-El received medical education at memorial cancer centre Sloan Cattering in New-York (the USA) with specialization in chest microsurgery and reconstruction. The head of this plastic surgery clinic of Israel is doctor Ud-Al – the participant of many research projects, the author of multiple major medical discoveries, the councilor of Medical Faculty of Tel Aviv University.

The Department of Medical Centre named after Rabin is the largest centre performing plastic operations in Israel. The Department includes plastic surgery departments of hospital “Balinson”, “Hasharon” as well as children hospital “Shnider” and rehabilitation center “Levenshtein”. The Department is the leader in all the spheres of plastic surgery in Israel, participates in numerous research projects in the sphere of fundamental medicine. Several years ago, Plastic Surgery Department founded a clinical laboratory of experimental surgery, which at once became the leading centre in the sphere of world medical researches.

The Plastic Surgery Department employees of Medical Centre named after Rabin are the best plastic surgeons with the world fame:

  • Doctor Avraam Amir (hospital “Balinson”) specializes in body plastics, burns and wounds after sternotomy.
  • Doctor Ayal Kalysh (children hospital “Shnider”) is a children plastic surgeon, which specializes in operations of lips and palate defections, burns.
  • Doctor Meir (children hospital “Shnider”) is a children plastic surgeon, received education at children hospital in Toronto (Canada), specializes in craniofacial surgery.
  • Doctor Ram Silfen specializes in extremities reconstruction. He received education and practiced in Melbourne (Australia).

The main work directions of Plastic Surgery Department:

  • Correction of congenital and acquired anomalies.
  • Correction of posttraumatic injuries and post burn conditions.
  • Correction of hypospadias and other anomalies of genitals.
  • Reconstruction of chest soft tissues after its excision.
  • Correction of split palate and lip.
  • Operations on nose shape changing.
  • Operations on ears shape changing.
  • Operations on eyelids.
  • Facelift of face and neck skin and muscles.
  • Operations on breasts shape changing (lifting, diminution or enlargement).
  • Plastic surgery for men.
  • Joint work with maxillofacial surgeons and Ear Nose Throat doctors on changing and correcttion of viscerocranium bones (after injuries and wounds).

The Department also carries out other plastic operations in Israel.

What are the advantages of plastic surgery clinics of Israel?

Nowadays plastic operations in Israel are performed on the highest technical and technological level. Plastic surgery clinics of Israel have the most modern equipment and use innovation approaches to appearance correction in their work. However, plastic surgery clinics of Israel wouldn’t be so successful if it were not for high-quality specialists – surgeons, who possess huge scientific potential and are the leading specialists in this sphere. Plastic operations in Israel are carried out by world famous doctors, which have extensive practice.

The choice of a plastic surgery clinic of Israel

Currently, plastic operations in Israel are carried out by several medical institutions. Practically all plastic surgery clinics of Israel are able to guarantee the execution of surgical intervention on the highest level and are ready to provide maximally comfortable conditions for patients’ rehabilitation. However, preferring plastic operations in Israel performed by the specialists of the Department of Medical Centre named after Rabin, you can rely on optimal ratio of service price and quality, and, what is the most important, for maximum attention from practicing world level doctors. You can inquire about the cost of surgical operations in Israel as well as get additional information over the telephones.

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