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Rehabilitation medicine is developing in the whole world, especially in such country as Israel, which during its short modern history has gone through quite a lot of wars and acts of terrorism and where patients' rehabilitation is closely connected with the army and country security services interests.

It is one of the causes why in Israel special budget items on development of medical and surgical innovations, medicamental treatment and numerous rehabilitation methods are constantly allocated, in a word, on everything that can really help restore disordered organism functions. Such attention to rehabilitation medicine leads to intensification and development of all directions which are not only connected with war aspects, but the ones turned to restoration of any lost or disordered organism functions. The largest rehabilitation medical centre in Israel is hospital "Beit Levenshtein" founded in 1958. Today "Beit Levenshtein" is clinical base of the Highest Medical School named after Sacler at Tel Aviv University and over decades it remains the undeniable leader of Israeli rehabilitation medicine. The specialized clinic departments offer rehabilitation in the following directions: orthopedic, neurologic (after hit-and-runs, strokes and so on), cardiologic, sporting, geriatric rehabilitation after hard operations.

The key purpose of rehabilitation medicine is restoration of disordered organism functions and body systems, and their achievement by means of inner resources mobilization, activation of protective adaptive organism mechanisms.

It extremely matters rehabilitation medicine is reaching its aims without application of pain relievers that quite often only drive the problem inside. The real rehabilitation helps the organism overcome the disease causes. Sometimes this process is rather long, but it requires considerable efforts, and significant financial costs. But the bet on organism rehabilitation by means of resources kept in it invariably justifies itself.

It can be announced rightfully rehabilitation medicine in Israel is one of the highly developed and successful in the world, and hospital "Beit Levenshtein" is the unconditional leader in this sphere.

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