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The Urology Department of Rabin Medical Center is the major urology department in Israel that provides world-class diagnoses and treatment of all the existing urology pathologies and diseases. The department consists of three units: Beilinson Hospital Urology Department, the Urology Department of Ha'Sharon Hospital and the Infant Urology Department of Shnayeder Hospital.

The Urology Department of hospital “Balinson” Medical Center named after Rabin is headed by Professor Jack Baniel, the leading specialist in the urobilin-oncology sphere and reconstructive surgery of Israel, a scholar of the urobilin-oncology faculty of Indiana University (the USA). Professor Baniel is also vice-chairman of an oncological center.

At the urology department of hospital Beilinson, it's performed over 1200 surgeries per year. Those include laparoscopic and strip surgery on removal of benign and malignant tumors of the prostate, bladder, testicles, kidneys.

Highly specialized departments of urinology of Beilinson Hospital:

*Department of laparoscopy.

*Амбулаторное отделение. Руководитель - доктор Даниэль Кедар, стипендиат факультета урологической онкологии ракового центра Андерсона (Хьюстон, США). В амбулаторном отделении ежегодно более 17000 пациентов проходят амбулаторное лечение, в том числе цистоскопию и биопсию простаты.

*Department of laparoscopy.

Outpatient department. Head is Dr. Daniel Kedar, scholar of faculty of urologic oncology at cancer center Anderson (Houston, USA). Every year more than 17,000 patients undergo outpatient treatment at the outpatient department, including cystoscopy and prostate biopsy .

*Department of Uro-Oncology

*Department of Sexology. Head is Dr. Yossi Shmuel who is an expert in field of male agenesia and impotence. The department performes many surgical procedures.

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